Deuces Wild


How to play Deuces Wild

Choose 'play for free' or 'play for real money'.

The aim is to try and make the best 5 card poker hand possible. You can re-deal any or all of the cards once. 2s (Deuces) are wild cards and can be used as anything. Refer to the Hand Guide, in the in-game Help section for more about poker hands. Select your wager by adjusting the betting amount at the foot of the screen. The Payout Table will update as you make changes.

When you are ready, click Deal to receive your cards. By default, no cards are held. To hold one, click on the relevant Hold button or on the card itself. Then, click Draw to request your new cards.

One deck of cards is used in this game and is re-shuffled before each new deal.

Select Turbo Mode to skip the dealing animations.

Min Bet: £0.10 Max Bet: £100

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